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    Who started this thing?

    Hi, I'm Taylor I’m a seasoned peacebuilder and certified nerd on all things peacebuilding, here to help you on your peacebuilding journey. I simplify peacebuilding concepts to make them more accessible and share insights I’ve gained on my own peacebuilding journey. My goal is to support peacebuilders (and aspiring peacebuilders) like you to find creative ways to make real, lasting change on issues you care about, without sacrificing your personal wellbeing.

    What we're all about...

    We are building a global community of peacebuilders and supporting them to make real, lasting change for peace and justice. We make this happen by 1) developing accessible peace-learning resources and supporting individuals to find creative, strategic ways to build peace and transform social issues they care about, and 2) growing a global community of peacebuilders and supporting them to take collaborative action to address threats to peace wherever they may be.

    The Community

    Don’t forget to join our global community of peacebuilders: People Building Peace. This is a forum we host where peacebuilders of all kinds come to share their experiences, discuss emerging issues and challenges, get exposure to new resources and information, and collaborate.

    If you still can not find what you’re looking on the website, write me on taylor[at]everydaypeacebuilding[dot]com

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