Manifesto of an Everyday Peacebuilder


There is no peace without justice

The systems of oppression that produce inequality and injustice are the same that produce war, conflict, and violence. Peacebuilders analyze systems of oppression and work to transform them.


Peace is political

Governments wage war. Political leaders drive narratives that justify war, create conflict, and rationalize violence. Peacebuilders challenge political leaders, resist unjust laws, and work to transform institutions of governance that produce war, violence, injustice and inequality.


Peacebuilding transforms the causes of conflict

Peacebuilding is not a humanitarian response. It is not about helping those in need while ignoring the conditions that produce their marginalization. Peacebuilding transforms the causes of conflict at the deepest level. If you are doing it right, expect resistance from those who benefit from the forces that produce conflict and inequality.


Everywhere there are peacebuilders

Anywhere there is war, violence or conflict, there are people building peace. Without exception, peacebuilders are found in every country, culture, and community around the world.


Anyone can be a peacebuilder

Peacebuilders come from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, education levels, abilities, and experiences. One does not need to be a part of any formal organization, project or initiative to build peace. With a little help, anyone can learn ways to use their unique talents to build peace.


There are many ways to build peace

Formal peacebuilding initiatives led by UN agencies, NGOs and nonprofits are a tiny fraction of peace efforts around the world. Peacebuilders are teachers, artists, religious leaders, and activists. They are journalists, mediators, writers, storytellers, event planners, performers, businesspersons, community builders, and much more – each building peace in their own unique way.


Informal networks of peacebuilders change the world

Real social change is made by informal networks of individuals working together for a social cause they are passionate about. Peacebuilders build networks and form unconventional coalitions.

We change the world through collaborative action.

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