About us

Hi friends,

Are you passionate about some social issue and want to do something to change it?

Have you found that it isn’t as easy as you thought it might be?

I’m Taylor. I’ve been there. I’m here to help. 🙂

The problem

Building peace isn’t easy.

The social issues you want to change are complex.

The systems you may work in to make change can be frustrating.

Those around you may not accept your ideas.

Those who need to hear your message may not be listening.

You may have sacrificed your personal wellbeing for a cause you care about.

Your efforts for peace may have provoked powerful and aggressive individuals.

You may struggle to figure out how you can utilize your unique talents to make a difference on issues you care about.

You may feel like all your effort isn’t really making a difference.

You may be burnt out.

You need to make a change and you may be searching for something different.

We dreamers and idealists face plenty of challenges. That’s why it’s important to have some help along the way, and a supportive community to be a part of.

About me

Hi, I’m Taylor

I’m a certified ‘peace nerd’ obsessed about exploring creative ways to build peace.

On the professional side, I’ve worked as a ‘peacebuilding technical specialist’ consultant with a bunch of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies over the years.

Fascinated about the many ways people around the world build a more peaceful, just world, I’ve spent my free time for years researching and documenting thousands of ways people around the world build peace. I launched Everyday Peacebuilding in January of 2020 to share all the things I’ve learned, to support peacebuilders (and aspiring peacebuilders) like you from all walks of life to find creative and effective ways to build peace.

I have developed my own frameworks, tools, approaches and other resources that are unlike anything you may have ever seen. Each was created to support passionate individuals to find creative and effective ways to make change on the social issues they care about.

I’m passionate about training peacebuilders and aspiring peacebuilders, and anyone passionate to build a more peaceful, just world. Be sure to check out my FREE eCourse and training offerings for groups. To develop creative resources and interactive trainings I use a lot of what I learned throughout years of training peacebuilders, starting since getting my Masters in Peace Education back in 2009.

I believe that individuals have the power to change the world, and spend all my waking energy obsessed about developing innovative resources to support anyone interested to build a more peaceful, just world.

Who we are

Everyday Peacebuilding is a blog for dreamers & idealists who seek to build a more peaceful, just world. We will help you to find creative & strategic ways to make real, lasting change on issues you care about, while maintaining your peace of mind.

The vision: I want to see everyday peacebuilders on every country on Earth making real, lasting change on the most pressing threats to peace and justice in their countries/contexts, and globally.

We make this happen by…

Developing accessible peace-learning resources and supporting individual peacebuilders to find creative, strategic ways to build peace and transform social issues they care about.

Growing a global community of everyday peacebuilders and supporting them to take collaborative action to address threats to peace wherever they may be, and to build a more peaceful future for everyone.

Values we live by, integrated in everything we do

  • Simplicity. Content and products will be user friendly and accessible.
  • Creativity. Content and products present creative approaches to peacebuilding.
  • Exploration. Content and products support community members on their personal peacebuilding journeys.
  • Diversity. Representing the ideas and perspectives of diverse peacebuilders from around the world is important in our content and products. Our community is intentionally global.
  • Collaboration. We’re building a global community of peacebuilders and in doing so create spaces for community members to connect, share ideas, take collaborative action and support one another.

The community

Everyday Peacebuilding supports a global community of peacebuilders. The main forum where we connect, discuss important topics, support each other and find ways to collaborate is via our Facebook group called People Building Peace.

People Building Peace is a community of dreamers and idealists of all kinds passionate about building a more peaceful and just world, each in her or his own unique way. It is a place to learn creative ways to build peace and to connect with other people building peace all over the world

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