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racial justice BLM

3 Unsung Racial Justice Heroes

Discover these unsung racial justice heroes and the lessons we can learn from them. by Taylor O’Connor | 1 September 2020 “It is the curse of minorities in this power-worshipping world that either from fear or from an uncertain policy of expedience they distrust their own standards and hesitate to give voice to their deeper …

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peacebuilding and what is peacebuilding

What is Peacebuilding?

A review of diverse definitions to help you figure out what is peacebuilding… by Taylor O’Connor | 25 July 2020 “The absence of a shared perception of what constitutes ‘peacebuilding practice’ remains a challenge.” — White Paper on Peacebuilding (2015) by Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Let’s do an experiment, shall we? Step 1: Put ten peacebuilders in a …

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picture for a typology of violence

A Typology of Violence

Mapping of the multitude of forms of violence for the most comprehensive typology of violence you’ll find on the internet. Includes tools to help you identify forms of violence. by Taylor O’Connor | 22 July 2020 “An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.” — Gandhi During college, I …

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