How to Build Peace Virtual Training - 2024

8-week virtual training

Start date: 3 July 2024

Join our 8-week virtual training to learn how you can use your unique talents and abilities to make change on the social issue(s) you care about most. Join a cohort of experienced and aspiring peacebuilders from all over the world looking to enhance their ability to build peace.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your peacebuilding efforts to the next level.

About this virtual training

Location of workshop: a virtual training-workshop with interactive sessions hosted on Zoom. Tutorial videos on course platform of Teachable. Written activities on Padlet software.

Sessions/timeframe: Eight virtual sessions, once a week on Wednesdays, 1.5 hours each. The time of sessions will vary to accommodate for time zones of participants from all over the world.

Facilitator(s): All sessions will be facilitated by Taylor, the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding. Taylor’s bio at the bottom of the page.

Language: All sessions will be facilitated in English, spoken clearly in easy to understand language to be accessible to those with little experience in building peace and non-native speakers.

What you will learn from this training

This virtual training was designed to help you find creative ways you can use your unique talents and abilities to make change on the social issue(s) you care about most, for a more peaceful, just world. It will follow the curriculum of our How to Build Peace eCourse, and it includes additional resources, activities, guest speakers, and technical support to help you on your learning journey.

Course outcomes and benefits

Participants will:

  • clarify the social issue(s) you care most about, and identify the unique talents and abilities they have to make change on these issues
  • get connected to specific networks, organizations and resources that will support them in their efforts to make change on the social issues they care about
  • develop personal capacitites that will support them in their efforts to build peace.
  • be able to identify clear next steps they can take to begin addressing the social issue(s) they want to change.

Additional benefits of the course:

  • You will be connected with participants in your cohort and may help and support one another in your peace efforts
  • You will be equipped with new approaches and and innovative tools to help you on your peacebuilding journey, to be creative and effective in your efforts for peace
  • You will be trained on innovative tools you can use to help other experienced and aspiring peacebuilders which you may use in formal activitivies or informally supporting friends who want to build peace

Course methods

This training includes:

  • 8 interactive learning sessions with participants from all over the world and from all walks of life, each building peace in different ways
  • Tutorial videos from the How to Build Peace eCourse
  • Workbook activities to help participants apply learning
  • Supplimentary learning resources for each session
  • Support and feedback from the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding who will facilitate the training
  • One coaching session with the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding
  • A training certificate will be available for participants who complete all assignments

Format of the training

Participants will engage in activities during training sessions and will have individual work to do after training sessions to prepare for the next session.

  • During training sessions: Live virtual training sessions will include interactive activities, guest speakers, group discussion and direct technical support to help participants apply learning. Interactive training sessions will take place each Wednesday. Times of sessions will vary to accommodate for participants across different time zones.
  • After training sessions: Participants will be given practical reflection activities to do after each session to apply learning. They will watch tutorial videos and use learning activities from the How to Build Peace workbook.The facilitator will also share short articles, videos and other content as supplimentary resources for participants to review after live sessions.

Who can register for this course?

This course is for open enrollment. That means anybody can join. It is suitable for experienced and aspiring peacebuilders alike as the tools and approaches used are unique and innovative. For the experienced peacebuilders, what you will learn in this course is not something you will find in any other courses on peacebuilding.

This course is for you if….

You are passionate about a social issue, and wish you could do something to change it.

You feel like whatever you are doing to build peace (or justice) just isn’t working.

You are burnt out from the efforts to build peace (or justice) you have been involved in.

Overview of weekly sessions

Each week, participants watch tutorial videos from the How to Build Peace eCourse and do reflection ativities in the course workbook. Interactive weekly sessions include aproximately 45 minutes of participatory activity or guest speaker and 45 minutes of discussion and technical support, for a total of 1.5 hours.

  • Session 1. Training Introduction: Social activities to meet other participants. Covers training goals, format, key approaches, and peacebuilding tools.
  • Session 2. The Social Issue(s) You Want to Change: Interactive activities to pinpoint social issues and envision change. Technical support to clarify visions.
  • Session 3. Approaches for Making Change: Review of change-making methods, group discussions to determine best approaches for social change.
  • Session 4. Your Peacebuilding Superpower: Participants use Peacebuilder Typology tool to identify top peacebuilder types. Discuss applying talents for peace.
  • Session 5. Peace Heroes to Inspire You: Participants share about inspiring peace heroes. Learnings applied to personal peace efforts.
  • Session 6. Strengthening Your Peace Efforts: Interactive activities to boost personal capacities in peace efforts. Linking personal peace with global peacebuilding.
  • Session 7. Networks, Resources and Connections: Participants share discovered networks and resources for peace efforts. Facilitator provides advice on finding connections.
  • Session 8. Taking Action for Peace: Participants present learning and action plans for building peace. Discussion on ongoing support and collaboration.


  • 1.5 hours weekly: Participants will either participate in the session of the week or watch the recording if unable to attend. Times of weekly sessions will vary to enable participants all over the world to attend.
  • 2-3 hours weekly: Individual work each week includes watching tutorial videos, engaging with reflection activities, reviewing supplimentary materials, and responding to short reflection questions each week.
  • There is a short final written activity that is required for participants interested to receive course certificates.

Training certificates

After a successful participation and completion of brief weekly assignments and the short final written assignment, participants receive a certificate.

Facilitator bio

Taylor, founder of Everyday Peacebuilding
Taylor, founder of Everyday Peacebuilding

Hey, I’m Taylor, the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding.

I’m a certified ‘peace nerd’ obsessed about exploring creative ways to build peace.

On the professional side, I’ve worked as a ‘peacebuilding technical specialist’ consultant with a bunch of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies over the years.

I’ve spent my free time for years researching and documenting thousands of ways people around the world build peace. I launched Everyday Peacebuilding in January of 2020 to share all the things I’ve learned, to support peacebuilders (and aspiring peacebuilders) like you from all walks of life to find creative and effective ways to build peace.

I believe that individuals have the power to change the world, and spend all my waking energy obsessed about developing innovative resources to support anyone interested to build a more peaceful, just world.

Refer-a-friend and group discounts

The cost of regular enrollment in the training is 425 USD. There is a 10% discount for anyone who refers a friend to participate in the training with them. The discount is applied both to the friend (or friends) and the person who referred them. If you gather a group of friends or colleagues (3 or more) to join the training, everyone in the group gets a 15% discount.

If you are interested in this discount and have a friend or group that will join the training together, just email Taylor, the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding, so he can make the arrangements for your discount. You may email him at taylor [at] everydaypeacebuilding [dot] com

Scholarship Opportunity

We at Everyday Peacebuilding value diversity as a core value of our organization. We have community members from over 100 countries and it is important to us that our trainings and all of our learning opportunities be accessible to peacebuilders from all walks of life.

For this upcoming virtual training, we are offering a limited number of scholarships. Applying for this scholarship not only gives scholarship applicants the opportunity to attend the training for free, but it also ensures that for all participants the training cohort will have diverse representation in every way possible.

Click HERE to see the scholarship application

To be considered for a scholarship, please fill out this simple form (linked above) by end of day 28 June. On 1 July you will receive an email to inform if you have received the scholarship or not. Please note that we are not an NGO and receive no funding, so spaces are limited. We encourage you to apply only if you have no possible way to pay for this training.

Sponsor a participant

We are a small, independent operation, so on our own we can accept a limited number of scholarship appicants into the training. To be able to accept more scholarship participants, we have created a scholar sponsorship mechanism where our amazing community members (that’s you!) can crowdfund support for them.

By sponsoring a participant or part of the cost of one participant, not only will you provide them with the opportunity to attend the training, but you will also contribute to the enrichment of the learning experience of all participants of this training, strengthening all our efforts for peace.

I have made three sponsorship options available below:

  • Sponsor 100% of the training cost of one (or more) participant(s): CLICK HERE
  • Sponsor 50% of the training cost for one participant: CLICK HERE
  • Make a donation of any amount to contribute to the scholarship fund: CLICK HERE

We are grateful for your support to our scholarship applicants.

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