Partnering and sponsorships with Everyday Peacebuilding!

At Everyday Peacebuilding we are dedicated to training, supporting and connecting peacebuilders from all walks of life, who are building peace all over the world. We support our everyday peacebuilders best by working together and collaborating with one another. Consider partnership or sponsorship opportunities!

Partnerships: If you are dedicated to supporting everyday peacebuilders like us, we’d love to hear from you! Just shoot me (Taylor) an email. Tell me about yourself, what you do, and if you have any ideas of how we can work together let me know. We can follow up with a call to discuss possibilities. You can reach me (Taylor) at taylor [at] everydaypeacebuilding [dot] com

Sponsorships: Do you have a product, service or opportunity that is in support of everyday peacebuilders? If so, sponsorship is a good way for you to get the word out to thousands of everyday peacebuilders all over the world, and support our work in the process. We communicate regularly with our community members via our weekly email and on social media channels. Our community members are particularly interested in scholarship and study opportunities, support for their grassroots peacebuilding initiatives, and other support that can assist in their peacebuilding efforts. If your organization or institution aligns with this, and if you are interested to learn more about sponsorship options, just email me (Taylor) at taylor [at] everydaypeacebuilding [dot] com

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