Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: The website is managed by the founder of Everyday Peacebuilding, Taylor O’Connor. For any questions you may contact him at taylor [at] everydaypeacebuilding [dot] com

How we will use personal browsing and comments data

For all comments left on the site and cookies related to activity on the site, the default setting has been left on wordpress. I’m a solopreneur who isn’t very tech savy, so I am not personally involved in any data collection or usage from the website. Whatever the default data collection of wordpress has is what data is collected.

Newsletter sign ups, downloads and eCourse sign ups

If you have signed up for the newsletter, to get a free download or join an eCourse you will be asked to submit your name and email. For all of these you will be added to our email list. Your name and email will not be shared with anyone. This information will be stored in Taylor’s email server platform of Convertkit. You can unsubscribe from the email list at any time.

Who we share your data with

We do not share your data with external parties.

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