Services offered by the Everyday Peacebuilding team!

At Everyday Peacebuilding we are dedicated to training, supporting and connecting peacebuilders from all walks of life, who are building peace all over the world. We support our everyday peacebuilders best by working together and collaborating with one another.

While I and my team are dedicated mostly to building up our efforts to support the everyday peacebuilders in our network, we are available to support other projects and initiatives also in service to peacerbuilders worldwide. If you are looking for training, advising or other technical support on your peacebuilding efforts, we have expertise on a wide array of topics associated with peacebuilding and may be available to support you.

Consider some of the following options that could be conducted virtually or in person…

  • Training on fundamentals of peacebuilding for new or aspiring peacebuilders
  • Facilitation of participatory strategic planning processes for peacebuilding or light technical support in your process
  • Specialized trainings tailored to your needs on a variety of thematic approaches to peacebuilding
  • Technical advising services for complex peacebuilding initiatives
  • Facilitation or support in peacebuilding conferences or events

If you are interested to explore options to hire the services of myself or specialists in the Everyday Peacebuilding team, just email me (Taylor) at taylor [at] everydaypeacebuilding [dot] com

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing possibilities.



Peacebuilding Strategic Planning Workshop 2018
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