Resources on Building a Just-Peace in Palestine and Israel

Resources for individuals and groups working to stop Israel’s genocide and build a just-peace for all people of Palestine and Israel

compiled by Taylor O’Connor (Founder of Everyday Peacebuilding) | 8 May 2024

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“It is quite common to hear high officials in Washington and elsewhere speak of changing the map of the Middle East, as if ancient societies and myriad peoples can be shaken up like so many peanuts in a jar.” – Edward W. Said

I’m writing this article to support individuals and organisations working to stop the genocide in Gaza and to build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel.

At the time of writing it has been over six months since the start of the US-sponsored Israeli genocide in Gaza. Since the beginning of this genocide, peacebuilding organizations and peace activist groups have mobilized to both mobilize for international recognition of Israel’s war on Gaza as a systematic genocide and also to stop the genocide. Furthermore, many have advocated for the dismantling of Israel’s apartheid system.

On my weekly newsletter at Everyday Peacebuilding (SUBSCRIBE HERE!) started in 2021, I share resources on building peace each week. To do this, I use AI software to scan over 500 websites which are a cross-section of a broad array of peace groups and media sites around the world. And since the start of the genocide I have picked up on so many amazing peace initiatives producing articles, videos and other content about peace efforts to stop the genocide and more broadly to dismantle Israeli apartheid.

Purpose of this blog post: I wrote this blog post as a resource for individuals and groups involved in efforts to stop the genocide and to dismantle Israeli apartheid. It includes resources on the history and context that produced this genocide, commentary by peacebuilders on the current situation, and on efforts and approaches to build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel. It concludes with links to peace actions across a range of peace groups.


For a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

I recognize that there are diverse perspectives and opinions on the situation in Palestine and Israel. Even amongst the peacebuilding community there exist some differing opinions. This should not prevent those of us who can speak freely from doing everything we can to stop the genocide, dismantle Israeli apartheid and strive for a just-peace for all people in the land of Palestine and Israel.

A few things I’ve noticed in analyzing statements (or lack thereof) by peace groups over the past 6+ months:

  • Predominant peace organizations that receive major sources of funding from the United States and Europe have been largely silent on Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza
  • Peace activist groups and peacebuilding groups with alternative sources of funding (i.e. religious group donations, family foundations, etc.) are able to speak freely on the situation in Palestine and Israel, and they have been the most vocal. Many of them have made mention of their unique ability to speak freely on this, and recognizing the politics of funding mechanisms in in peacebuilding systems, have noted their duty to be more vocal to stop the genocide.
  • Some political organizations that present themselves as peace organizations act in support of the genocide by reframing the situation as one of pure and irrational violent extremism. In their efforts to shift public attention from the history, context and causes of current violence, they effectively operate as a force of cultural violence.

In compiling resources for this blog post, I use the framework of ‘just-peace’, meaning that there is no peace without justice. A just-peace in Palestine and Israel means not only stopping the violence of Israel’s genocide, but it also means that peace is not possible until Israel’s apartheid system is dismantled.

I hope that these below resource are useful for any individual or organization that wishes to stop the genocide, dismantle Israeli apartheid and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel.


An outline of resources shared below

History and context of violence

  • On the colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  • On Israel’s apartheid system
  • Zionism, racism and violence
  • The weapons and technology of Israeli apartheid and genocide
  • Reference materials on history and context of Palestine and Israel

Commentary by peacebuilders on the current situation in Palestine and Israel

  • Recognizing genocide
  • On US military sponsorship of Israeli apartheid and genocide
  • On mainstream media, disinformation and harmful narratives
  • In-depth reflection and analysis of the current situation by peacebuilders

On building a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

  • On strategic nonviolence to stop the genocide
  • On divestment and dismantling Israeli apartheid for peace
  • On challenging the narrative
  • On challenging the violence of Zionism
  • On forcing politicians to withdraw support (and weapons) from Israeli genocide; and hold perpetrators accountable
  • On using international institutions to stop Israel’s genocide
  • Peace plans shared by peacebuilders and peace organizations

Links to peace actions and peace action resources


Resources for a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

History and context of violence

As peacebuilders we know that to understand any violence, we must learn about the history of violence, the context from which it emerges, and its many manifestations.


On the colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine

To understand the history of Israeli genocide and apartheid, it is essential to understand the colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist militias which began before the foundation of the State of Israel. Modern Israeli apartheid and genocide was built on the colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Here are some resources to help you.


Video. An animated introduction to Israel and Palestine (November 2012) | by Jewish Voice for Peace

This is a good, short primer on the history and context of Israel and Palestine for those interested to learn who don’t know much about the situation. It is ten years old, so doesn’t include events of past years, but is a good backgrounder.


Podcast episodes. The 100 Year History of Israel-Palestine (12 November 2023) and The Early Colonization of Palestine ft. Dr Ilan Pappé (18 November 2023) | on Let’s Talk Palestine

Two podcast episodes with some great information about the history of Palestine and Israel. The first is a primer on 100 years of history, and the second is a deeper dive with Israeli-born historian Dr. Ilan Pappé.


Podcast episode. The War on Palestine has Gone on for Over 100 Years (1 December 2023) | on The Chris Hedges Report

A interview with historian Rashid Khalidi that explores the historical origins of the war on Palestine, the disenfranchisement of the Palestinian people, and how these set the stage for Israel’s present war on Gaza.


Article. Quick Facts: The Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe”) (5 April 2023) | by the Institute for Middle East Understanding

To understand the current situation in Palestine and Israel, one must understand The Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic) which refers to the violent expulsion of approximately three quarters of all Palestinians (between 750,000 and one million at the time) from their homes and homeland by Zionist militias, to clear land for a new Jewish state called Israel (1947-49).


Book. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006) | by Dr. Ilan Pappé

Israeli-born historian Dr. Ilan Pappé pulls from historic documents uncovered in Israeli archives documenting the preparations made by Zionist movement leaders to carry out a systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It documents how the ethnic cleansing was put into effect through systematic expulsions of about 500 Arab villages, as well as terrorist attacks by Zionist militias against the civilian population of Palestine all of which paved the way for the creation of Israel.


Education initiative. Project 48

This website provides educational material, eyewitness testimonies, images, videos and artifacts that bring to life the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic), its generational impact, and the struggle for return of Palestinian refugees. Includes curriculum and educational materials across themed modules on settler colonialism, Zionism, right of return for Palestinian refugees, and other topics.


Article. A Just Future Demands the Decolonization of Palestine – and a Democratic State for All (21 January 2023) | by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

This Israeli group articulates why ‘conflict’ is not an acceptable term to use when discussing Israel and Palestine. They describe the colonization of Palestine by the Zionist Movement which created the state of Israel, and that resistance to settler colonialism is misrepresented when described as a conflict. The article also maps what a decolonization process should look like, one which they themselves are working towards.


On Israel’s apartheid system

Following the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist militias, the new state of Israel built a violent apartheid system for ongoing cleansing of Palestinians and settlement of Jewish people on confiscated lands. The oppressive laws, policies, and practices of Israel’s apartheid system has been documented in great detail by numerous human rights organizations.

As peacebuilders, understanding the structural violence that produces violence of all kinds is essential to building peace. In the Israel-Palestine context, Israeli apartheid is the structural violence at the core which produces a myriad of forms of violence. Peacebuilders recognize the abolition of Israeli apartheid as a necessary first step to peace.

Some notable human rights reports and other documentation of Israel’s apartheid system are provided below.


Article. How Israel Practices Apartheid (8 February 2022) | by the Institute for Middle East Understanding (MIEU)

This one is a short policy backgrounder by IMEU which provides a brief overview of Israeli apartheid.


Video, report download, infographics. Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution (27 April 2021) | by Human Rights Watch

More extensive documenting and mapping of Israel’s apartheid system, its systematic oppression, inhumane acts and abuses.


Video, report/download, infographics. Crime of Apartheid: The Government of Israel’s System of Oppression Against Palestinians  (1 February 2022) | by Amnesty International

Another extensive report mapping elements of Israel’s apartheid system and the systemic abuses that stem from it. They describe the myriad of ways this system dominates Palestinians.


Article with download. A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid (12 January 2021) | by B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

This one is an Israeli Human Rights group who published a shorter position paper mapping key elements of Israel’s apartheid system. It calls on Israelis to dismantle the apartheid system.


Article. The Root of Violence Is Oppression | by Jewish Voice for Peace

Commenting on the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Jewish Voice for Peace describes the root of all violence in Palestine and Israel as the Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestine. It covers increased repression and regular massacres of innocent Palestinians by Israeli soldiers and settlers in past years as creating the conditions for the violence we see today and denounces the US role in funding Israel’s violent apartheid regime.


Zionism, racism and violence

Peacebuilders know that to end violence, it is necessary to deconstruct both structural violence and cultural violence. While the structural violence at the heart of Israeli genocide is Israel’s apartheid system (covered above), the cultural violence that produces Israeli apartheid and genocide is the political ideology of Zionism.

Understanding the modern creation of this ideology and distinctions between Zionism and Judaism are essential. The State of Israel produces much propaganda and false information about Zionism. Peace activists and peacebuilders should develop a solid understanding of it as deconstructing the ideology is essential for dismantling Israeli apartheid. Below are some useful resources, and at the end are further resources for combating the violence of Zionism.


Video. What is Zionism? (22 January 2024) | by Mohammed El-Kurd

This video includes commentary on the creation of the ideology of Zionism and the violent manifestations of this ideology throughout the past 100 years, up to the present day genocide in Gaza. El-Kurd covers how racism is a core component of Zionist ideology and why to be anti-racist one must be anti-Zionist.


Video. Why the existence of Zionist Israel is antithetical to Judaism (14 November 2023) | on TRT World

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss explains why the existence of Zionist Israel is “antithetical to Judaism”


Article. On Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism and Dangerous Conflations | by Jewish Voice for Peace

This is a great primer on the difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, with some discussion on the harm caused by those who try to conflate the two.


Essay download. Zionism from the Standpoint of its Victims (1979) | by Edward Said

The late Palestinian-American scholar and lifelong peace advocate Edward Said challenges commonly accepted Israeli political narratives about Zionism. He maps the historical context which brought about the creation of the political ideology of Zionism, and how the Zionist project has harmed Palestinians. He prompts readers to critically examine the power dynamics, dispossession, and systemic erasure of Palestinian life and culture resulting from Zionism.


Article. The Anatomy of Zionist Genocide (21 December 2023) | by Yoav Litvin on Al-Jazeera

What Motivates Israel’s Genocidal Acts in Gaza?

Israel-born author Yoav Litvin explains how the ideology of Zionism creates the conditions for genocide of Palestinians, and why dismantling Zionism is a necessary first step towards peace.


The weapons and technology of Israeli apartheid and genocide

Israel’s apartheid system and the current genocide are made possible by weapons and technology, primarily supplied or otherwise supported by the United States. Here are a few resources to understand the weapons supply and technology of Israeli apartheid and genocide.


Article. The Companies Behind Israel’s 2023 Attack on Gaza (30 November 2023) | by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

An excellent mapping of all companies producing weaponry and technology that facilitates Israel’s genocide of Gaza, and attacks on the West Bank and Lebanon. This info is helpful for those mobilizing to disrupt arms shipments and mobilize against companies fueling the genocide. There is a description of the weaponry that each company provides to Israel along with locations of their offices and headquarters.


Video. Journalist Who Broke Story on Israel’s AI Warfare Discusses the Technology (5 April 2024) | by Amy Goodman on truthout

An interview with the Israeli journalist who has been uncovering Israel’s use of AI to carry out atrocities in Gaza. He discusses two specific AI programs used to produce tens of thousands of targets, and how Israel’s strategy is to wipe out targets along with their entire families and often multiple families living in the area.


Article. Israel’s apartheid tech ‘is booming’ and the US is largely to thank (8 April 2024) | by Matene Toure on Prism

Israel’s arms industry and surveillance tech development is the major driving force of its economy—and it largely has the U.S. to thank.


Video. No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel (17 April 2024) | on Democracy Now!

Speaking with Google staff involved in the peaceful protest at Google demanding Google withdraw from Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion contract to provide cloud computing services to the Israeli military. No tech for genocide, occupation, or apartheid.


Video. No AI for Genocide: Google Fires 28 Workers for Protesting Contract with Israeli Military (20 April 2024) | by BreakThrough News on Films for Action

A short video covering the movement of Google and tech workers for Google and tech companies to divest from Israeli apartheid and specifically to shut down a Google project that collaborates with Israel to support the genocide in Gaza. Google has cracked down on the organizing group No Tech for Apartheid.


Article. The settler university: Israeli academia has always been part of Israel’s territorial objectives in Palestine (27 April 2024) | by Maya Wind on Mail and Guardian

This is part one of three excerpts from Maya Wind’s book Towers of Ivory and Steel: How Israeli Universities Deny Palestinian Freedom. Based on research, the book is a gamechanger in the conversation about Israeli academic institutions, mapping how they are deeply tied to Israel’s apartheid system, the occupation and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.


Reference materials on history and context of Palestine and Israel


Glossary. Glossary of terms on the Israeli-Palestinian context | by Just Vision

Just Vision’s glossary is comprised of nearly 250 terms related to the Israeli-Palestinian context. It is a great resource if ever you encounter some word, p00000hrase, historic event, name of an important person, etc. that you don’t understand and you need some context.


Organization. Visualizing Palestine

Visualizing Palestine uses data and research to visually communicate Palestinian experiences to provoke narrative change. Here you can find great visuals for education purposes or social media.


Resource page. Teaching-learning resources on violence in Israel and Gaza (11 October 2023)| by Zinn Education Project

Zinn Education project curates resources and develops lesson plans to teach peoples’ history. They have curated a page with teaching-learning resources on violence in Israel and Gaza. It includes lessons and stories, a Nakba curriculum, children’s books on Palestine, key articles, podcast episodes, videos, archival documents, and other resources.


Commentary by peacebuilders on the current situation in Palestine and Israel

I have been following hundreds of peacebuilding, human rights and peace activist groups since October 2023, documenting their commentary and statements on Israel’s genocide. Below is a snapshot of what they have been talking about.


Recognizing genocide

A central theme to advocacy of peacebuilders, human rights groups and peace activists is in recognizing Israel’s violence as genocide. Below are some resources mapping elements of Israel’s genocide.


Article and video. The Anatomy of a Genocide (26 March 2024) | on UN News

Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, presented her latest report, entitled ‘Anatomy of a Genocide’, during an interactive dialogue with Member States.


Video with download. “Text-Book Case of Genocide”: Top U.N. Official Craig Mokhiber Resigns, Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza + resignation letter (1 November 2023) | on Democracy Now

An interview with former director of the New York Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Craig Mokhiber, who resigned over the UN’s failure to stop the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. Under the video interview you can download his 4 page resignation letter.


Article. Statement of Scholars in Holocaust and Genocide Studies on Mass Violence in Israel and Palestine since 7 October (9 December 2023) | by Raz Segal on Contending Modernites at the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame

A statement signed by 55 Holocaust and Genocide Studies scholars which maps elements of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, shares genocidal statements by leaders, and draws parallels to other genocides throughout history.


Article. Israel’s genocidal violence will last long after the bombs stop (23 November 2023) | by Nicki Kattoura on Middle East Eye

This article covers types of violence and suffering that Palestinians of Gaza will suffer in the months, years and decades after the bombs stop. It covers the tens of thousands of people maimed, inevitable disease outbreaks, the toxic fumes from bombs and debris that will cause high rates of cancer, the massacres of doctors which will be unavailable in the future, and much more.


Article with download. Manufacturing Famine: Israel is Committing the War Crime of Starvation in the Gaza Strip (April 2024) | by B’Tselem

A report by Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, documenting Israel’s use of famine as a tool in their ongoing genocide in Gaza.


On US military sponsorship of Israeli apartheid and genocide

Peacebuilders discuss a lot about how Israeli apartheid and genocide are only possible with US sponsorship. Below are some resources highlighting US sponsorship of Israeli apartheid and genocide.


Article. In Shadow of War, a Snapshot of U.S. Military Assistance to Israel (13 October 2023) | by Elias Yousif  and Rachel Stohl on The Stimson Center

The Stimson Center is not an anti-war or anti-militarization organization, but I think the information they provide here about the ins and outs of US military assistance to Israel is helpful for those mobilizing actions to stop arms transfers and US military support to Israel.


Article. More Military Aid to Israel Will Mean More Deaths (20 October 2023) | on National Priorities Project

An analysis of US military aid to Israel. They cover regular, yearly military aid and additional military aid and weapons sent by the US. They are clear that additional and ongoing weapons and military aid to Israel will contribute to ongoing atrocities in Palestine.


Video. Biden Admin Quietly Approves 100+ Arms Sales to Israel While Claiming Concern for Civilians in Gaza (7 March 2023)| on Democracy Now!

While 2 weapons sales have been made public at the time this article was published, this video explains how the US has delivered more than 100 separate weapons sales to Israel during five months since October 2023, amounting to thousands of precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, bunker busters and other lethal aid.


Video with links to resources. Here’s Every U.S. Factory Making Bombs For Israel (12 March 2024) | on Films for Action

A good resources for peace activists trying to disrupt the production and delivery of US bombs manufactured for Israel’s genocide.


Statement. A Statement from Jewish Americans Opposing AIPAC’s Intervention in Democratic Party Politics (20 March 2024) | on Roots Action

The interference of Israeli lobby group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) in US politics is one key factor that ensures an unhindered flow of weapons from the US into Israel. Understanding the role of AIPAC is key to understanding the current Israeli genocide in Gaza and decades of unhindered ethnic cleansing of Palestinians aided by the United States. See this statement from Jewish Americas opposing AIPAC’s interference in US politics.


On mainstream media, disinformation and harmful narratives

Peacebuilders discuss often the disinformation in mainstream media and their support of Israeli apartheid and genocide, and the need to deconstruct mainstream media narratives and disinformation.


Article. How and why Israel’s disinformation campaign is enabling its massacre in Gaza (12 October 2023) | by Abdaljawad Omar on Mondoweis

Covering the workings of Israel’s largescale disinformation campaign, and how it lays the ground for atrocities.


Article. Why Israel Wants to Erase Context and History in the War on Gaza (6 November 2023) | by Ilan Pappé on Transcend Media Service

A great article by Israeli-born historian Ilian Pappe describing efforts by Israel to keep the international community ignorant of the histories of oppression and context which produced the 7 October attack by Hamas.


Article. “Israel’s 9/11” Is a Slogan to Rationalize Open-Ended Killing of Palestinian Civilians (10 October 2023) | by Norman Solomon on World BEYOND War

This article discusses the Israeli government’s use of the phrase “Israel’s 9/11” as propaganda to justify atrocities against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.


Article. Israeli War Crimes and Propaganda Follow U.S. Blueprint (13 November 2023) | by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies on World Beyond War

An interesting mapping of tactics the United States military used to successfully carried out numerous gross atrocities as part of its global war on terror, and how Israel is following the same blueprint for ongoing atrocities in Gaza.


Video plus resource links. How the Media Hides the Human Toll of the War on Gaza (20 December 2023) | on Zinn Education Project

The author of War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military Machine discusses how US media hides the human toll of the war on Gaza.


Article. Media coverage of Israel and Gaza is rife with deadly double standards (23 October 2023) by The New Humanitarian

This article covers the how mainstream media perpetuates harmful narratives that dehumanize Palestinians, making their killing more acceptable.


Article. When Palestinians ‘die’ and Israelis get ‘killed’ in the same war (16 November 2023) | by Safa and Mariam A. on Global Voices

An interesting article analyzing implicit bias in media narratives and word choices to cover the violence in Palestine and Israel, and how this informs public perceptions. The article provides examples from various news outlets.


Article. Digital Blackout: Systematic censorship of Palestinian voices (8 November 2023) | by Dima Samaro on Global Vioces

This article covers how social media giants are suppressing pro-Palestinian narratives by suspending journalists and media outlets without explanation and how tech giants like Meta and others censor Palestinian voices.


Podcast episode. The media’s silencing of Palestinians (24 October 2023) | by The New Humanitarian

Palestinian-American writer and journalist Mariam Barghouti sheds light on the media’s biased coverage of Israel-Gaza, which excludes Palestinian voices and perpetuates dehumanization. She explains how these narratives and aid sector practices contribute to the erasure of Palestinian perspectives.


Article. The Right to Speak for Ourselves (27 November 2023) | by Mohammed El-Kurd on The Nation

Palestinian journalist and activist reflects on how Palestinians are portrayed in Western media. He discusses who is humanized and who gets to speak to the media to discuss the situation in Palestine, both associated with the situation of today and over past decades. He explains how Palestinians have been denied the freedom to tell their own story, and advocates to journalists, politicians and others to change practices that silence Palestinian voices that need to be heard.


Article. Leaked New York Times Gaza Memo Tell Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory” (15 April 2024) | by Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Grim on The Intercept

Covering internal pressure in news agencies to censor and hide Israeli genocide.


In-depth reflection and analysis of the current situation by peacebuilders

There has been some content by peacebuilders that is more in depth and covers many topics. I’ve provided some here.


Video. Palestine: The Name of Infinite Injustice – Powerful speech by Arundhati Roy (13 December 2023) | speech delivered on receipt of the P .Govinda Pillai Memorial National Award instituted by the PG Samskrithi Kendram

A powerful speech by peace hero Arundhati Roy calling for international action to stop the ongoing genocide of Palestinians by Israel. She is one of the great thinkers of or day on matters of international peace and justice.


Podcast episode. Peace in Gaza (9 November 2023) | on What’s Unsaid of The New Humanitarian

An interview with Nivine Sandouka, Palestinian peace activist with the Alliance for Middle East Peace (AMEP). She eloquently describes the challenges faced by Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilders in the AMEP network under the current circumstances, and how they are working to build peace. She shares lots of great insights from within a broad network of peacebuidlers in this region.


Podcast episode. An Israeli Knesset member’s vow to ‘never give up’ on a peaceful solution (18 October 2023) | on Nonviolence Radio by Metta Center for Nonviolence

Great interview with Dr. Ofer Cassif, a member of the Israeli Knesset (legislature of Israel), a longtime outspoken advocate for peace and an end to the occupation. He believes that the security of Israelis and Palestinians is interconnected and mutually dependent.


Video. A Call for Healing: Gabor Maté on Palestine / Israel (3 November 2023) | on Wisdom 2.0 with Soren Gordhamer

World Renowned author and trauma expert Dr. Gabor Maté speaks about his own history, including about his grandparents who died in the Holocaust, his multiple personal visits to Gaza, on the harms of Zionist ideology, and how transforming collective traumas can contribute to peace.


Article. Angela Davis: Standing With Palestinians (21 March 2024) | by Angela Y. Davis on Portside

A powerful article by social justice hero Angela Davis reflecting on her 60 years of activism and on linkages across liberation movements. Solidarity with Palestinians and their decades-long struggle in defense of their land, culture, and freedom has long been a central theme of her political life. Her insights are invaluable for those interested in intersectional peacebuilding for Palestinians and all people.


On building a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

Peace groups around the world have taken numerous approaches to stop the genocide, dismantle Israeli apartheid and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel. Below are resources across a number of these approaches, together with resources for peacebuilders interested to stop the genocide, dismantle Israeli apartheid and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel.

On strategic nonviolence to stop the genocide and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

Nonviolent activism has been a key approach to stop the genocide from the beginning. Below are some resources associated with the use of strategic nonviolence to stop the genocide in Gaza.


A message from Gaza: We need huge protests to stop this genocide (14 October 2023) | by Ahmed Abu Artema on The Electronic Intifada

Writer Ahmed Abu Artema, one of the founders of Gaza’s mass nonviolent mobilization, the Great March of Return (2018 – 19), sent a voice message by WhatsApp from Gaza today calling on the international community to organize mass protests to prevent genocide in Gaza.


Article. What strategic solidarity with Palestine looks like in war time (12 October 2023) | by Matt Meyer on Waging Nonviolence

Peacebuidler and peace activist Matt Meyer discusses parallels between the struggle to overthrow apartheid in South Africa and the ongoing struggle to overthrow apartheid in Israel. He shares insights from his friend the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


Article. How Jewish nonviolence can help guide the path forward on Israel-Palestine (19 October 2023) | by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on Waging Nonviolence

Beautiful words and an insightful article by rabbi and feminist peace activist Lynn Gottlieb.


Article. Please Keep Marching for Palestine – Your Protests Are Giving Hope to the People of Gaza (2 November 2023) | by Nowar Diab on Z-Net.

This is a really moving article written by Nowar Diab, a student from Gaza city, who shares what they global protests mean to her and others in Gaza.


Article. 3 key insights for building a powerful and loving movement against oppression in Palestine-Israel (18 October 2023) | by Rae Abileah and Nadine Bloch on Waging Nonviolence

Some great insights and tips from seasoned nonviolent activists working at the intersection of art and creativity in nonviolence.


Article. Only Outside Pressure Can Stop Israel’s War Crimes (11 January 2024) | by Naomi Klein on Portside

A great, in-depth article by renown author, activist and filmmaker Naomi Klein covering the history and applications of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and its potential stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza and dismantle Israel’s apartheid system.


Podcast episode. Nonviolence in the Holy Land (27 February 2024) | by Nonviolence Radio on Waging Nonviolence

This is a great interview with Palestinian nonviolent activist Sami Awad. He discusses his lifetime of nonviolent resistance and activism against the Israeli occupation and how nonviolent activists are re-strategizing now given the current situation.


Article. Pro-Palestine US Student protests nearly triple in April (2 May 2024) | by Bianca Ho and Kieran Doyle on ACLED

A mapping of pro-Palestine student protests with charts showing the rapid growth of the student movement.


Video. Inside the ‘Student Intifada’: a Roundtable with Campus Organizers (3 May 2024) | by Maximillian Alvarez on the Real News Network

Some discussion with student activists across numerous universities, amidst police crack downs.


Article. Will they crush the biggest student movement since Vietnam? (May 2024) | by Jewish Voice for Peace

Some thoughts from Jewish Voice for Peace on the significance of this student movement to stop Israel’s genocide and ways to support the student protests.


Article. 219 Organizations Join Statement in Solidarity With Student Protests for Gaza (30 April 2024) | by MPower Change

Statement of organizations supporting the student movement to stop Israel’s genocide.


Article. Grassroots Pressure to End the War in Gaza Grows (1 May 2024) | by Odeliya Matter on Friends Committee on National Legislation

On the growth of grassroots advocacy and how it is influencing change.


Article. Student Gaza Solidarity Movement Draws on Long History of Divestment (3 May 2024) | by William D. Hartung and Nick Cleveland-Stout on Inkstick Media

A short article discussing the history of student movements for divestment from war, drawing links to the current movement.


On divestment and dismantling Israeli apartheid for peace

Divestment from Israeli military, from weapons manufacturers and other institutions that support Israeli apartheid and enable genocide is a key approach for building a just-peace in Palestine and Israel. Below are some resources on this.


Article. To end violence in Palestine and Israel we must address root causes (9 October 2023) | by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

America’s historic Quaker peacebuilding organization explains why the only path to lasting peace for Palestine and Israel is by uprooting occupation and apartheid. They describe some actions to take to advocate to the United States, the UN and international bodies to pressure Israel to end the violence and dismantle their apartheid system.


Article. Ending Israeli Apartheid Is the Only Path to Peace (14 October 2023) | by Ronan Burtenshaw on Jacobin

A great background on Israel’s apartheid system, and the long history of Palestinian nonviolence resistance to Israeli apartheid.


Article. How Vermont activists are mobilizing their community to cut ties with Israeli apartheid (7 March 2024) | by Zoe Jannuzi on American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Some inspiration for activists working to get their universities or communities to cut ties with Israeli apartheid in an effort to stop the genocide.


Article. How we passed a cease-fire resolution in our town (31 January 2024) | by Roua Daas on American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Read how a coalition of students and community members organized to bring global issues to the forefront of local governance.


Article. Academic Boycotts and The Military-Academic Industrial Complex (18 April 2024) | by Maya Wind on Africa is a Country

A study of Israeli universities reveals that they are, in fact, directly and actively complicit in Israeli apartheid and racial rule, and coverage of the global movement calling on international scholars to boycott Israeli academic institutions.


Article. Divesting for Palestinian Rights: a guide for Universities and institutions to divest from Israeli human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity (May 2024) | by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

A guide for divesting from Israeli apartheid and genocide, focused on University student protests and University divestment.


Article. How to Support Palestinians? Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction Israel (1 May 2024) | by Sumaya Awad on The Forge

A great resource on how to support the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israel to stop Israel’s genocide and dismantle its apartheid system.


Article. Colombia’s president says country will break diplomatic relations with Israel over war in Gaza (2 May 2024) | on AP News

An example of a country breaking diplomatic ties as a key approach that with support from more countries can stop Israeli genocide and dismantle Israeli apartheid.


On challenging the narrative

Recognizing the huge amount of disinformation and propaganda out there, many peace groups mobilize around challenging the narrative in Palestine and Israel. Below are some examples.


Article. Why challenging the narrative on Palestine and Israel is more important than ever (8 March 2024) | by Maha Batran on Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Challenging prevailing narratives on Palestine and Israel is core to WILPF’s strategy to end the genocide and build peace in Palestine and Israel. This article covers the gendered impact of occupation, the nuances of Palestinian resistance, and key points for how we can challenge the narrative.


Article. Language Use about Gaza: Ten Urgent Suggestions | by Words About War

From the project Words About War, some critical suggestions for talking, writing, advocating or engaging in any form of messaging and communication about the genocide in Gaza.


Article. Peacebuilding journalism: the media and the Israel-Hamas war (6 February 2024) | by Mica Hong on Peace News Network

Some insights from peace journalists.


On challenging the violence of Zionism

Dismantling the political ideology of Zionism and the violence it produces is central to stopping the genocide and dismantling Israel’s apartheid system. Below are some approaches from peace groups, peacebuilders and peace activists for challenging the violence of Zionism.


Article. Our Approach to Zionism | by Jewish Voice for Peace

A great article on the violence of Zionism and the approach taken by Jewish Voice for Peace to build a world beyond Zionism.


Article. How Anti-Zionist American Jews Are Organizing For a Ceasefire in Gaza (8 December 2023) | by Sophie Hurwitz on Teen Vogue

This article covers the growing movement of anti-Zionist Jews mobilizing to stop the US/Israeli genocide in Gaza and to dismantle Israeli apartheid.


Video. On Mobilizing Christian Communities for Peace in Palestine and Israel with Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac from Bethlehem (1 December 2023) | by Red Letter Christians

The focus of this article is on challenging Christian Zionism. It is a Christian group interviewing Palestinian Christian pastor, theologian, and peace activist Reverend Munther Isaac from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.


Video. Naomi Klein: Jews Must Raise Voices for Palestine, Oppose “False Idol of Zionism” (24 April 2024) | on the War and Peace Report of Democracy Now

A moving speech by the influential Jewish author/thinker, Naomi Klein at a public event held in New York by Jewish peace groups and allies for what they called a “Seder in the Streets to Stop Arming Israel” on the second night of Passover.


On forcing politicians to withdraw support (and weapons) from Israeli genocide; and hold perpetrators accountable

Many peacebuilders are mobilizing to force politicians to withdraw support (and weapons) From Israeli genocide and to hold perpetrators accountable. Below are some of these initiatives.


Articles, videos and other resources. Resources on lawsuit against US President Joe Biden for sponsoring Israel’s genocide of Palestinians (13 November, updated 16 November 2023) | by The Center for Constitutional Rights

On November 13, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a federal lawsuit, Defense for Children International—Palestine, et al. v. . Joseph Biden, et al., on behalf of Palestinian human rights organizations and Palestinians in Gaza. The Plaintiffs are suing President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Defense Secretary Austin for their failure to prevent and complicity in the Israeli government’s unfolding genocide against them, their families, and the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza. This site includes all details of the legal case including links to court documents, media coverage, press briefings, video interviews, etc.


Article. Vets Urging Criminal Investigations of Biden Weapons to Israel (5 March 2024) | on Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

This is a letter by Veterans for Peace urging criminal investigations of US President Joe Biden and Biden administration officials for supplying weapons for Israel’s genocide in Gaza. It maps specific violations by U.S. government officials of numerous US laws as they relate to said weapons transfers and those responsible.


Article. Veterans in U.S. Demand Termination of Weapons to Israel (13 February 2024) | by Veterans For Peace

This article covers a recent Veterans for Peace (VFP) open letter demanding the US State Department to terminate weapons shipments to Israel and calling on the Inspector General to investigate alleged criminal acts by senior Biden administration officials in violation of U.S. law. The letter itself maps 6 different US laws that prohibit the sale of weapons to parties in violation of human rights, citing legal punishments for those in violation.


Article and peace action. National Coalition Urges Congress to Confront U.S. Complicity in Civilian Harm in Gaza (11 January 2024) | by Friends Committee on National Legislation

An effort by organizations to hold US political leaders accountable for their support to Israeli genocide.


On using international institutions to stop Israel’s genocide and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

Some peace groups mobilize to use international institutions to stop Israel’s genocide, or to pressure international institutions to act to stop Israel’s genocide. Below are some examples.


Video. How to Reverse Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis — And Hold the Perpetrators Accountable (15 December 2023) | on Institute for Policy Studies

A conversation about how people and social movements can use international law and the United Nations to push for an end to war crimes and an immediate ceasefire. The discussion with Craig Mokhiber, former director of the New York office of the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, and Hani Almadhoun, a Palestinian from Gaza, is the Philanthropy Director of UNRWA USA. Includes discussion on how to hold Israeli and US political leaders accountable for the ongoing genocide in Gaza.


Article. UN experts call on international community to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people (16 November 2023) | by the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR)

Human rights experts from the OHCHR signed a statement calling on UN member states and the UN system as a whole to stop the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.


Article. Getting Serious About Halting Israeli Genocide (13 December 2023) | by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies on World BEYOND War

Some commentary on measures taken by the UN to force a ceasefire and stop the genocide in Gaza. It covers the response of nearly all UN member states to demand a ceasefire, and the US standing alone in support of Israel, using its veto power to block UN efforts to stop Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. Includes discussion of what actions can be taken by diplomats and within international law at this point.


Article. How to read the ICJ decision and end genocide, war and settler colonialism (29 January 2024) | by Matt Meyer on Waging Nonviolence

Recognizing that U.S. and Israel would do whatever they can to obstruct the recent ICJ decision, this article focuses on how peace activists can use the decision as a tool to force governments and international institutions to end Israel’s ongoing genocide and organize more strategically for Palestinian freedom.


Video podcast episode. Gaza: ICJ ruling, UN failures, and US complicity | The Chris Hedges Report w/Craig Mokhiber (26 January 2024) | by the Chris Hedges Report

This video podcast episode discusses the UN’s failures in the wake of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) provisional measures ordered against Israel to stop committing genocidal actions.


Article. How development aid undermines peace in Palestine (10 January 2024) | by Brendan Ciarán Browne and Caroline Lund on Middle East Monitor

An article mapping how international aid funds undermine peace in Palestine. It covers how the Israeli government controls aid flows, blocking aid to human rights groups that document rights violations by Israel and how funds for ‘peace’ are funneled to groups whose messages and approaches are suitable to Israel. The article advocates that for aid funds not to be complicit in decades long ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, a decolonization of aid to occupied Palestine is needed.


Article. Is ‘aid washing’ holding back peacebuilding and development in Gaza? (2 May 2024) | by Maryam Mohsin on Bond

Another article on how international aid has hindered peace and development in Gaza, another example of the need to decolonize aid.


Peace plans shared by peacebuilders and peace organizations

Some peace organizations and prominent peacebuilders have presented more detailed and comprehensive peace plans for Palestine and Israel. They are not all the same. Some are presented below.


Article. Navigating the War on Gaza (21 November 2023) | by the editorial team at War Prevention Initiative (WPI)

This is a briefing paper that offers recommendations to address the problems with the current discourse on the war on Gaza, directed to an international peace and security practitioner audience.


Article. A Plan for Peace in Gaza (29 October 2023) | by Salam Fayyad on Foreign Affairs (republished for free on Films for Action)

Some interesting thoughts here by Salam Fayyad, who served as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority from 2007 to 2013 who teaches foreign affairs as a visiting scholar at Princeton University.


Article. A Framework for Peace in Palestine and Israel (15 November 2023) | by Jeffrey D. Sachs on TRANSCEND Media Service

Another perspective on a peace framework from a high-level UN guy who served as Special Adviser to three UN Secretaries-General Kofi Annan (2001-7), Ban Ki-moon (2008-16), and currently serves under Secretary-General António Guterres.


Download. Policy Brief No.176: A 5-Point Peace Plan – Palestine and Israel | by Lisa Schirch on Toda Peace Institute

This Policy Brief was originally drafted in 2011 and presented to the Obama White House to encourage some specific actions they could take towards peace in Palestine and Israel. It was based on 4 months of research in Palestine and Israel, and was led by respected peace scholar Lisa Schirch.


Article. 7 steps to end the cycle of violence in Israel and Palestine (12 October 2023) | by Mubarak Awad on Waging Nonviolence

Longtime nonviolence activist Mubarak Awad maps actions we can take to end the cycle of violence in Israel and Palestine.


Article. We can end mass atrocities in Gaza and beyond (5 January 2023) | by Shimri Zameret on Waging Nonviolence

A mapping of ways that ordinary people can fix the broken postwar international system and deliver global justice to Palestinians and oppressed people worldwide.


Links to peace actions and peace action resources to stop the genocide and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

Here is a list to peace actions and peace action resources to stop Israel’s genocide taken from peace activist and peacebuilding groups.


Peace actions. Get involved to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, justice and equality | by the Palestinian BDS National Committee

Get involved in the global movement for boycott, divestment and sanction of Israel to stop Israeli genocide and dismantle Israeli apartheid.


Peace actions. Action alerts to stop the Gaza genocide | coordinated by U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Right (USCPR)

The U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Right (USCPR) has all their actions listed here. It is frequently updated.


Peace actions. Take action to stop US support to Israeli genocide in Gaza | by Jewish Voice for Peace

Numerous actions mapped by predominant Jewish peace group working to stop the genocide and dismantle Israeli apartheid, Jewish Voice for Peace.


Peace actions. Shut it Down for Palestine | coordinated by a coalition of rights groups

This is a website set up to coordinate planned actions to stop Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip. It is a collaborative effort by a range of organizations around the world, mobilizing an international effort to interrupt business as usual. They call on movements, organized labor, youth, students, media and healthcare workers, and all members of society to join the call to demand an immediate ceasefire, cut aid to Israel, and lift the siege on Gaza.


Peace actions. Peace actions to withdraw US support to Israeli genocide | coordinated by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

The Quaker peace organization AFSC has been in Palestine since the Nakba and the creation of the State of Israel. They are well connected to movements to stop the genocide and dismantle Israeli apartheid in Palestine, Israel, the United States, Europe and around the world. They lead many creative peace actions, listed here.


Peace actions. Peace actions for justice in Palestine | coordinated by CodePink

Actions by feminist peace activist group CodePink.


Peace actions. What you can do right now to stop the genocide in Gaza | by Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Other actions and resources by historic feminist peace activist group, WILPF.


Peace Action Tools. Palestine Solidarity Toolbox (20 November 2023) | by Beautiful Trouble

A great collection of creative and artistic nonviolent actions, with info on how to do them, compiled specifically to take action to stop the genocide in Palestine.


Database. Israeli Violations Tracker (April 2024) | on American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

AFSC tracks Israeli rights violations here. They also have a databases on The Companies Profiting from Israel’s Attacks on Gaza.


Organization. Tech for Palestine (2024)

A new group I discovered that supports tech startups and initiatives working to stop the genocide and fight for Palestinian freedom. Check out some of the amazing projects listed on their website and get involved.


Towards a just-peace in Palestine and Israel

I hope that these above resource are useful for any individual or organization that wishes to stop the genocide, dismantle Israeli apartheid and build a just-peace in Palestine and Israel. If you find this resource post useful, you may also want to have a look at another related resource post I wrote called How to Stop Genocide and Prevent Atrocities.

And if you want to get more peace resources like this you can sign up for my newsletter ‘on building peace’ where I deliver peace resources to your email inbox weekly. And since the genocide in Gaza began, I also include resources associated with stopping the genocide.

Towards a just-peace in Palestine and Israel. Keep mobilizing and working for it. We will get there if we work together.

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