Five Blogs that Every Peacebuilder Should Know



“The constructing of peace begins in our minds as a vision of something new for the future.” — Sevilla Statement on Violence

While there are many people, groups, and organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of peace, there are shockingly few blogs that show us how to build peace. This is really unfortunate because, after some years working with peacebuilders and activists, I recognize how helpful resources and information like this can be for so many of us.

If you are searching online for blogs and information to help you to figure out how to build peace and to support you in the process, you won’t find much. What is available, however, is the following:

News media: There are a lot of independent news media outlets that share stories from around the world about people and groups working for peace and justice. These stories are interesting and inspiring, but they are not instructive on how to build peace.

Job/career sites: There are many job and career sites associated with international aid, also focused on building peace in areas affected by conflict. These have some articles associated with peace, but mostly these are about finding jobs in international aid and development.

Think tanks: Some think tanks write about peace and conflict, but these tend to align their writing to suit the political perspective and goals of their associated governments or large donors. Their writing is more to inform policymakers, not individuals.

UN agency, NGO, and non-profit websites: Many of these also produce useful resources on peace and conflict. Blogs associated with these, however, tend to be used primarily for promotional purposes. As a result, I have included none of these on my list below.

Blogs on personal peace: There are many blogs dedicated to personal peace and mindfulness. These are valuable, however seldom include writing that that extends beyond the self.

Here then, are a few blogs that I have found that are active and where you can find useful information on how to build peace. I’m certain you will find them useful as I have. And I do hope that my listing of these helps support them and the great work they are doing!

1. Peace Insight

I share the sentiment of Peace Insight that wherever there is violence and conflict in the world, there are people working to resolve and prevent it. This blog is a project of Peace Direct that has been around for more than ten years. It is run by a network of journalists, activists, and peacebuilders from around the world who are primary contributors of content. The site includes articles and analysis, reporting from conflict zones, a catalog of external resources on peacebuilding, and an amazing database of over 1800 local peacebuilding organizations around the world.

2. World Beyond War

Established in 2014, World Beyond War is a global movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace. The website aims to raise awareness and mobilize support for abolishing war. It has well-organized information challenging common myths that produce war. If you visit the website, you will also see regular posts from organization members and external contributors.

3. Voice of Salam

Voice of Salam is an independent blog owned and operated by London-based writer and activist Elizabeth Arif-Fear. The blog works to build mutual understanding between people from diverse faith and cultural communities, to expose injustice, and promote the protection of human rights worldwide. Elizabeth posts regularly. Her posts are well organized, her ideas are practical, and her writing style is accessible for a wide audience. Sometimes she interviews activists and has guest writers contribute.

4. Peace Voice

Peace Voice is a program of the Oregon Peace Institute. They are devoted to changing U.S. national conversation about the possibilities of peace and justice in an effort to shift public policy. The website posts academically informed Op-Eds, articles, and commentary on conflict resolution, positive peace, and non-violence, then works to get the articles into a range of mainstream media publications. Note that articles are not written directly for peacebuilders (who already have certain awareness about peace and justice), but to inform mainstream society about such issues. Peace Voice takes submissions on matters associated with peace, justice, and nonviolent conflict resolution.

5. Everyday Feminism

Launched in 2012, Everyday Feminism is a wealth of information about justice, inequality, violence, discrimination, privilege, and a host of other topics essential for peacebuilders. The blog describes itself as an educational platform that helps people dismantle everyday violence, discrimination, and marginalization through applied intersectional feminism. It promotes compassionate activism and works to amplify and accelerate progressive cultural shifts taking place across the world.

Bonus: Everyday Peacebuilding

This is me! Everyday Peacebuilding is a blog for dreamers and idealists who seek to build a more peaceful and just world. We will help you to find creative and strategic ways to make real, lasting change on issues you care about, while maintaining your peace of mind.

If there are any blogs you can recommend that are dedicated to peace and peacebuilding, please let me know in the comments below. Also, download my free handout 198 Actions for Peace to find ways you can build peace in the world around you.

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