51 Think Tanks and Thought Leaders in Global Peacebuilding

A comprehensive list of think tanks and thought leaders that conduct research and publish regular content on peacebuilding. Get connected and find some great resources to support your peacebuilding efforts. by Taylor O’Connor | 17 August 2023 Photo by Taton Moïse on Unsplash “The task is… not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but …

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10 Global Peacebuilding Networks

Discover these ten global peacebuilding networks that are building peace all over the world. Check them out! Get connected! by Taylor O’Connor | 2 March 2021 “Power does not reside in institutions, not even the state or large corporations. It is located in the networks that structure society.” — Manuel Castells There’s a lot of organizations and …

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What is Peacebuilding?

  “The absence of a shared perception of what constitutes ‘peacebuilding practice’ remains a challenge.” — White Paper on Peacebuilding (2015) by Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Let’s do an experiment, shall we? Step 1: Put ten peacebuilders in a room. I won’t ask where you find them or how you got them there. This is all up to …

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